A fully equipped PC room running under Windows XP is available to the postgraduate students of the PoMPT course on 12-hour basis.
An on-line environment is available on a password secure web server to support the tutorship of the PoMPT course modules as well as the research work of the postgraduate students. The educational material may thus be offered in electronic form, adjusted to the needs of the PoMPT students, including handouts, courseworks, issues for further elaboration, evaluation questionnaires, papers, etc.

In addition, the PoMPT course provides to the student the following :

  • Mailserver and newsgroup server to aid the effective communication and discussions between students and lecturers on subjects of Material Science and Technology.
  • Dynamic webpages related to the PoM course subject-matter.
  • Electronic archive of elaborated Masters and PhD theses.
  • Electronic course packs of the PoM course modules. Such material may include notes, book chapters, papers, experiments, video, Internet links etc.
  • Search code of available information resources on the Internet. Collection, systematic classification, and methodological search can be made through the Internet in subjects related to Science of Materials. Every user is guided to search, according to thematic categories in Materials Science and Technology, among validated sources. Such thematic categories are, for example: Materials Property Databases, Materials Selection Databases, Research centers, Materials Science Departments, Materials producing and processing industries, certification bodies, metrology institutes etc.


Modern research is based on full and frequent utilization of international bibliography. The departmental library has acquired a significant number of new volumes that are being used from tutors and tutees during courses. The library is fully computerized, and works on a 12-hour basis with specialized staff. The Physics Department’s library is organized with such effectiveness that served as a prototype for the re-organization of the whole A.U.Th.’s library infrastructure. The library provides a collection of contemporary international Materials Science and Technology volumes, exclusively for the needs of the PoMPT course students.