Profile of a graduate

A student of MPT course is a graduate from Science Faculties or Engineering Schools that has specialized through a two-year course (1/4 of the total time is devoted to the elaboration of a Master Thesis) in issues like:

  • metals
  • amorphous materials and ceramics
  • polymers
  • magnetic materials
  • semiconductors
  • composite materials

specifically on:

  • electrical – optical – magnetic – mechanical properties
  • growth methods
  • electrical – optical – (micro)structural characterization

the graduate has been trained in:

  • research methodology and materials’ characterization
  • methods of selection and optimization of materials
  • issues about the safe use of materials
  • issues on business dexterity and analysis of investment plans
  • issues on patent legislation

the graduate is familiar with:

  • the use of computers & the Internet

while, through the elaboration of numerous scientific reports under the frame of hie courses and the Masters Thesis, the graduate is familiar with:

  • search of the international literature
  • elaboration of scientific proposals

He/she has been trained in one of the following orientations, offered by the PoM course:

  • advanced materials and applications
  • materials and environmental effects.